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New BA in Biology Program Beginning Fall 2024

Posted in: Biology

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The Department of Biology is excited to announce that we are adding a Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) in Biology to our program offerings! This major is designed to prepare students for the many careers that require a broad knowledge of Biology combined with non-science skills such as science communication, community health, or environmental law (to name a few). The program consists of a 48 credit core combined with a required 18-21 credit non-CSAM minor (students choose), a 4 credit community engaged service learning experience, and a 1 credit capstone course.

The program does not preclude students from taking the necessary courses to get into Medical or Dental School. The main differences between the BS in Biology and the BA in Biology are fewer required Chemistry and Physics courses in the BA, fewer biology electives, and the required minor, service learning and capstone courses.

Statements from Program Proposal Reviewers

I think the proposed BA in Biology will help students that fear the deep chemistry associated with BS in Biology, but are still interested in a science field. The current proposal will help open up several areas in Pharmaceutical Research (at Research Sites or Companies) and Contract Research Organizations. Roles from pre-clinical to clinical trials including Research Lab staff, Clinical Writers, Global Trial positions could be filled by this role.

“… there are many careers that require a science background but don’t necessarily require all of the requirements in a Bachelor of Science program.

… a more realistic approach to careers in STEM.

… the BA actually hits a lot of the things for med school (community service, research, etc.)…med schools looking for things out of STEM now (arts, etc.).