Campus fall folliage

For Alumni

CSAM alumni are more than 12,000 strong and making an indelible mark in the sciences and in the mathematical world—from renowned drug pioneer Herman Sokol ’37 and internationally hailed chemist Dr. Ernest B. Yeager ’45, to Evan Maletsky ’53, an award-winning mathematical educator and author.

There are many opportunities for CSAM alumni to stay connected to their alma mater long after graduation. Your involvement in our community is of vital importance. CSAM Advisory Council Members Barbara Brummer ’68, executive director of The Nature Conservancy of New Jersey, and former Novartis executive Ron Califre ’72 are just two examples of dedicated alumni who stay connected with the University and assist today’s students in achieving their goals.

As a member of the CSAM alumni family, we also invite you to join us for lectures, activities and special events throughout the year. You could even be the lecturer/presenter! Contact Gennae Hinson,, to schedule a visit and tell students about your experiences.

Visit the Montclair State Alumni Relations website to learn more about how to get involved and see what we have to offer our Montclair State University College of Science and Mathematics alumnus!