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Fire Safety Student Employees Receive Awards

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Fire Safety Outstanding Student Awards Recipients
Fire Safety student workers received Outstanding Employee Awards during an April 21, 2022 ceremony. L-R: Michael Weisberg, Jack Donohoe, Allison Altilio, Dean Margaree Coleman-Carter, Nick Zaino, Daniel Glorias, and Fire Safety Coordinator John Keane.

On April 21, 2022, several Fire Safety student employees received Outstanding Student Employee awards from the Department of Career Services and Academic Programming. Our honorees included Allison Altilio, Jack Donohoe, Daniel Glorias, Ray Holland, Michael Weisberg, and Nick Zaino.

Fire Safety staff nominated each recipient to recognize their efforts, service, and dedication to the Montclair State University campus community and their assistance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. When most student employees were not on campus or able to work, our students consistently showed up to help with operations in any way they could. Not only did they perform Fire Safety work, but they also assisted with any task asked of them to benefit the entire University Facilities division.

Tasks such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and PPE supply distribution, set up, and replenishment were critical in ensuring the protection of others across the campus during the pandemic. Students also installed and maintained COVID-related signage and informational bulletins in all campus buildings. Non-pandemic student contributions included:

  • Establishing heightened relations with the Greek Life community.
  • Establishing a comprehensive online inventory of campus life safety assets and equipment.
  • Performing emergency eyewash station inspections on behalf of Environmental Health and Safety staff.

Our student workers additionally showed dedication above and beyond their roles by providing off-hours response to a December 2021 fire at the Dinallo Heights residential complex.

Fire Safety Specialist, John Keane, is proud of every student employee on our team. “They never say no to anything we put in front of them. They show dedication to our efforts to ensure life safety in the campus community. Each of them brings something to the table, and they all proved that they are not involved in their work for themselves; they always do it as a team! That they were always here throughout the pandemic and some of them came to assist in any way they could during the Dinallo Heights fire shows how much they care for everybody who is a part of the Montclair State University community.”

The praise and accolades are well-deserved. Kudos and congratulations to all of our Outstanding Student Employees!         

Outstanding Fire Safety Student Employee Award Recipients:

Jack Donohoe

Daniel Glorias

Ray Holland

Michael Weisberg

Nicholas Zaino

Honorable Mention:

Allison Altilio