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CSAM Students Sweep Poster Awards at the Garden State Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

The conference, held at TCNJ, awarded three outstanding posters all of which were given to Montclair State University students.

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From Left: Dr. Aihua Li (Advisor), Giancarlo Labruna, Kateryna Kaplun, Katherine Ruddy
  1. Giancarlo Labruna, “Magic Squares of Order 3 Over an Integral Domain” (LSAMP mentor and SHIP scholar)
  2. Kateryna Kaplun and Mara Oliveres, “Randic Connectivity Indices for Decagonal Graphs” (Kateryna is an LSAMP scholar, and Mara Olivares is an LSAMP Affiliate Member)
  3. Katherine Ruddy, “Graphic K-Indexes and the Phylogenetic Analysis of Chagas Disease Vectors” (SHIP scholar)

All students are advised by Dr. Aihua Li, Mathematical Sciences Department and Director of the LSAMP program at Montclair State University

Congratulations to all our students!