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Scholarship Opportunity for Prospective Elementary Math Teachers

Current math majors and/or prospective math teachers, learn about a very valuable scholarship opportunity

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NOYCE team 2022
Our current scholars include (front left to right) Emily Perez, Arnold Rosas, Tania Lopez Robles, Caitlin Lobosco (graduated), Hunter Smith, Gianna Fazzini, and Amber Hammond. Our scholars are supported by faculty advisors (rear left to right) Dr. Joseph DiNapoli, Dr. Steven Greenstein, and Dr. Jennifer Robinson.

the Noyce@Montclair Mathematics Scholarship Program is open to students who are enrolled in the B.S. Math degree with K-6 certification and who also meet other eligibility requirements. Many of our math majors are planning to teach at the high school level, but you may want to consider teaching at the elementary level where students’ mathematical foundations are built, at least for a few years.

The scholarships cover junior and senior years of tuition plus a small stipend. In exchange for each year of the scholarship you receive, you must agree to work for two years in a high-needs school. In addition to receiving tuition, you’ll be earning a math degree and teaching at the elementary level. Elementary teachers with those credentials are rare, which means you’d be a very attractive candidate when it comes time to looking for teaching positions. And if you’re interested, you’re likely to move up relatively quickly in your career toward leadership positions like being a math coach or a district math supervisor.

Read more about the scholarship program and see video testimonials of past recipients on the website. Faculty advisors Drs. Steven Greenstein and Joseph DiNapoli are happy to meet with anyone with questions about the scholarship. You can contact them via email at mathnoyce@montclair.edu.