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The Identity Crisis of Precalculus: Who are you?

Recorded by doctoral students Meimee Persau, Amy Daniel, and John O’Meara

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Join their discussion on current research as well as their experiences as teachers and teacher leaders on contemporary topics affecting the teaching and learning of mathematics today.

The first podcast in the MATH 811, Mathematics Education Leadership series is titled The Identity Crisis of Precalculus: Who are you?

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The dumping ground for weird practices, or the bridge between two distinct disciplines?

Explore Precalculus through the lens of three Precalculus teachers who have first-hand knowledge of the course that prepares you for Calculus, the “big dawg” of mathematics … or does it? Tune in and decide for yourself! Math lovers have your pencil and pad handy for new mathematical terminology. Get information on what to expect in a college course vs. your high school. The transition to a faster pace course could be a shocker! Discover the reform efforts for Precalculus, and seven components of a successful Precalculus course. There are great takeaways for all stakeholders  – parents, students, and math educators, alike!