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Two Math Friends

Recorded by doctoral students Christa Falzarano Mawn and Emily Sullivan

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Two Math Friends
Cover art by Amy Daniel

The next podcast in the MATH 811: Mathematics Education Leadership podcast series we share is titled Two Math Friends.

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Two Math Friends

The COVID-19 global pandemic had immense resonating impacts on the entire world’s way of life. With social distancing guidelines in place, nearly every industry across the world suffered drastic setbacks in terms of social norms, total output, and the culture that surrounds these respective industries. One sector that commonly shook the foundation across all walks of life was the complete overhaul of mathematics education in the form of distance learning. How did this life-changing event impact the way students interact with each other and the material, and what can educators do in order to restore the ideal pace of education in the ‘new normal’? What did performance in mathematics classrooms look like before 2020, and where are they headed now? Hosts Christa and Emily synthesize their personal experiences and insights as teacher leaders and administrators to consider the student populations they have served, continue to serve, and the novel challenges present as we make our way back into the classroom and each other’s lives.