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Doctoral Candidate Presents Dissertation Findings at National Conference

Karmen Yu’s research addresses the question: How do undergraduate Calculus I students experience and navigate their learning of calculus in the parallel spaces of coursework and inquiry-oriented complementary instruction?

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Karmen with her mentor Dr. Steven Greenstein after presenting at the 2024 RUME conference
Dr. Steven Greenstein (left) and Karmen Yu (right)

Doctoral candidate Karmen Yu recently presented findings from her dissertation study at the annual Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education conference in Omaha, NE. Karmen’s talk, entitled Case Studies of Undergraduate Students’ Agentive Participation in the Parallel Spaces of Calculus I Coursework and Peer-Led, Inquiry-Oriented, Complementary Instruction. She shared findings from one case study that included characterizations of the different forms of agentive participation afforded to students in each of the two spaces, as well as their complementary nature relative to learning calculus with understanding. It was a fantastic presentation. Karmen’s advisor, Dr. Steven Greenstein, was a contributor to the presentation and was there to support her. Great work, Karmen!