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Payment Options

All charges (including but not limited to tuition, on-campus housing, meal plan and fees) are payable by the due date on your tuition bill available on NEST.

Please Note:

  • Any adjustments to your fall 2018 schedule (e.g. adding or dropping courses, changing housing or meal plan) may affect your bill.
  • Financial Aid may change based on your enrollment status.
  • Recent Parent PLUS or private loan applications may or may not be reflected on this bill.
  • Bills are issued on a semester basis (fall, winter, spring and summer).
  • All students are responsible to adhere to all University deadlines.
  • All resident students must have their bill paid in full, completed all financial aid requirements and/or have a payment plan established prior to move-in.

Finding and Paying Your Bill

  • Log into NEST using your University NetID and password.
  • Navigate to the “Student Accounts” web page at the top right.
  • Navigate to the “View My Bill” portlet and select “View Account Summary by Term.”
  • Here you will see your fall 2018 statement based on your enrolled credits, fees, financial aid, meal plans and room and board if applicable.

Cashier’s Window

Personal check, certified check, money order and cash payments are the only forms of payments accepted at the Cashier’s window located in Red Hawk Central. Payment must include the student’s CWID number to ensure credit to the student’s account. Post-dated checks (checks with future dates) cannot be accepted.

Check or Money Order

Checks and money orders must be in US dollars, drawn on a US bank and must be made payable to “Montclair State University.” Payment must include the student’s CWID number to ensure credit to the student’s account. Post-dated checks (checks with future dates) cannot be accepted.

Mail payments to:

  • Montclair State University
    Red Hawk Central
    Attn: Cashier’s Office
    1 Normal Ave
    Montclair, NJ 07043


TouchNet is a web-based, real time service that will provide online, self-service access to the students account, billing history and allows you to make payment using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express cards (processing fee applies) or via an electronic payment from a checking or saving accounts (complimentary). TouchNet is available to you via NEST.

Free on-line checking/savings account payments are accepted through NEST. Students must sign on to NEST to process payment. Once payment is processed, a confirmation email will be sent to the student’s email address. The student’s account will then be immediately updated with the payment.

Please Note: A minimum balance of $0.75 is required in order to process online e-check payments.

TouchNet Installment Payment Plan

Visit the Tuition Payment Plan web page for further information.

  • You may enroll in a five (5), four (4), or three (3) month semester payment plan through TouchNet.
  • The first installment is due upon enrollment.
  • You may enroll in one (1) active plan for one (1) semester at a time.
  • This plan is interest free and available with only a $30.00 enrollment fee.
  • You may not enroll if you have an unpaid balance from a previous semester.
  • Installment plan payments must be made online via NEST. Payments are not accepted at the University.

Online Payments Via NEST: Electronic Check (ECheck) or Credit/Debit Card

All electronic check or credit/debit card payments must be made on NEST through TouchNet. Credit/Debit cards are NOT accepted at the Cashier’s Window.

    • ECheck (Complimentary)
      • You may process ECheck payments at no additional cost.
      • When paying with an ECheck please keep in mind that TD Bank customers cannot use a savings account; only a checking account.
  • Credit/Debit Card (Processing Fee Applies)
    • When paying by credit card there is a non-refundable convenience fee charged by our credit card servicer of 2.85% of your payment (there is a minimum payment of $.50 with a $3.00 fee when using a credit card).

Wire Transfer of Funds

Wire transfer of funds for payment on a student’s account at Montclair State University may be processed through any full service bank in your area. The student’s name, identification number and social security number are required in order to credit funds properly to the student’s account.

Please direct the transfer to:

  • Bank of America
    441 Bloomfield Avenue
    Montclair, New Jersey 07042
    Routing Number (ABA): 026009593

For credit to:

  • Montclair State University
    1 Normal Avenue
    Montclair NJ 07043
    Account Number: 381027822553

Swift Address:

  • BOFAUS3N (For wire transfers within the US).
  • BOFAUS6S (For international wire transfers).

Returned Checks

All returned/rejected check (e-check) payments due to incorrect information (i.e. invalid account number, bank’s inability to locate account due to invalid routing/account number, non-sufficient funds, stop payments, etc.) will be will be assessed a $60.00 return check fee. Your initial payment will be reversed and holds will placed on the student account.

A subsequent payment must be made immediately by cash, certified check or credit card to avoid an interruption in your studies. Should payment not be made, you will be subject to Canvas deactivation, late fees, holds and deregistration. If you are deregistered from your classes, you will not be permitted to re-enroll for that specific semester.

Montclair State University reserves the right to deny accepting a check payment from a student who has numerous returned/rejected checks.