Dean's Office

Francine Peterman headshot Dean
Francine P. Peterman, PhD
University Hall 3139
Tamara Lucas headshot Acting Dean
Tamara Lucas, PhD
University Hall 3139
(973) 655-5167
  No Photo Available Executive Assistant to the Dean
Marissa Jones
University Hall 3135
(973) 655-2063
 Kim O'Halloran headshot Associate Dean
Kim C. O'Halloran, PhD
University Hall 3141
(973) 655-5168
  No Photo Available Program Assistant to Associate Dean and Budget Manager
Brittany Nowicki
University Hall 3142
(973) 655-5168
Suzanne McCotter headshot Acting Associate Dean
Suzanne McCotter, PhD
University Hall 3143
(973) 655-3096
  No Photo Available Program Assistant to Associate Dean and Assistant Dean
Ellen Grady
University Hall 3142
(973) 655-3096

No Photo Available Assistant Dean
Tammy J. Samuels, MA
University Hall 3145
(973) 655-3096
No Photo Available

Budget Manager
Jason Rubin
University Hall 3147
(973) 655-5357

Melissa Harris headshot

Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator 
Melissa Harris, MS
University Hall 3142
(973) 655-7128

 Linda Flynn headshot

Director of Career Services
Linda Flynn, MA
University Hall 2153
(973) 655-6874

 No Photo Available Grants Coordinator
Curtis Harris, MPA
University Hall 3120
(973) 655-4156
   No Photo Available Post-Award Facilitator
April Serfass, MS
University Hall 3122
(973) 655-3072
 ‌ Interim Director, CEHS Technology Services
Jason Francis
University Hall 2103A1
(973) 655-3480
   ‌‌Ken Watson

Interim Technology Support Specialist, CEHS Technology Services

Ken Watson
University Hall 2103
(973) 655-4457

 Justin Towe headshot PHP Developer/My SQL Programmer, CEHS Technology Services
Justin Towe
University Hall 2103A
(973) 655-4457
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Department Chairs

No Photo Available

Counseling and Educational Leadership
Kathy Gainor, PhD
University Hall 3161
(973) 655-7216

  No Photo Available

Educational Foundations
David Kennedy, PhD
University Hall 2129
(973) 655-5170

 Vanessa Domine headshot Secondary and Special Education
Vanessa Domine, PhD
University Hall 2127
(973) 655-5187
   No Photo Available Family and Child Studies
Katia Paz Goldfarb, PhD, CFLE
University Hall 4145
(973) 655-4077
 Tina Jacobowitzt headshot Early Childhood, Elementary,
and Literacy Education

Tina Jacobowitz, PhD
University Hall 3163
(973) 655-5407
   Amanda Birnbaum headshot Health and Nutrition Sciences
Amanda Birnbaum, PhD
University Hall 4161
(973) 655-7115
 No Photo Available Exercise Science and Physical Education
Susana Juniu, PhD
University Hall 4111
(973) 655-5253
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Jennifer Robinson headshot Center of Pedagogy
Executive Director
Jennifer Robinson, EdD
University Hall 1187
(973) 655-7691

  No Photo Available Director of Center for Research and Evaluation on Education and Human Services (CREEHS)
Eden Kyse, PhD
University Hall 3126
(973) 655-7763
 Charity Dacey headshot Teacher Education Admissions Office
Charity M. Dacey. MS
University Hall 1162
(973) 655-7976

Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

Gerard Costa, PhD
14 Normal Ave.
(973) 655-6685

Barice Williamson headshot Teacher Education Advocacy Center
Barice Williamson, MSW
University Hall 1172
(973) 655-7696
  No Photo Available Children's Center
Tara L. Evenson, MS
The Children's Center
Clove Road
(973) 655-7177
No Photo Available Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal
Connie Donvito
University Hall 1193
(973) 655-7641
  No Photo Available ADP Center for Learning Technologies
Megan Nacy
University Hall 1141
(973) 655-7764

No Photo Available Gifted and Talented
Paulette Blowe
University Hall 
(973) 655-7736

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Ada Beth Cutler headshot

Distinguished Professor
Ada Beth Cutler, EdD
University Hall 2182
(973) 655-4370