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Nelson Echandy Jr

Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education

Dr. Eric Weiner Writes for 3 Quarks Daily

Dr. Eric Weiner Published “Neo-Fascism, Or The Political Logic Of Neoliberalism” for 3 Quarks Daily

Higher Education Spotlight

Montclair State Launches Online Certificate in K-12 Computer Science Teaching

Program joins certificate in Virtual Learning for Students with Disabilities as offerings empowering teachers

Dr. Sara Goldstein

Dr. Sara Goldstein

Professor, Family Science and Human Development

How bad could NJ’s COVID-19 wave be by Thanksgiving? Dr. Silvera Comments.

Dr. Stephanie Silvera Notes Ways to Protect Your Family from COVID-19 this Thanksgiving

Opportunities Lost and Found

With study abroad on pause, Montclair State finds new ways to provide global experiences

Christina Chicas ’12

Dr. Bree Picower to Speak at Upcoming International Conference on Education and Social Justice

Dr. Stephanie Silvera Notes 2nd COVID-19 Wave May Not Peak Until Early 2021

Dr. Stephanie Silvera Comments on COVID-19 and the Holiday Season