Who Does What in the Dean's Office

Do you need to complete a task, and aren't sure who to contact? Please view the list below for administrative areas overseen by members of the Dean's Office staff for the College of Education and Human Services. We are here to support you!

Amy J. Aiello, Associate Dean of Enrollment Management & External Affairs, aielloa@montclair.edu

  • Enrollment Management
  • Offsite and Special programs
  • Marketing
  • Public relations and College publications
  • College liaison to the Center for Clinical Services
  • Course Schedule Approval
  • Alumni Relations Facilitation
  • Liaison to the College Advisory Board
  • Graduate Assistants/Doctoral Fellows

Yune Tran, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, trany@montclair.edu

  • Curriculum development, revision and approval
  • Faculty searches
  • Academic personnel (faculty) activities and support
  • New Faculty Program
  • Accreditation, including Middle Sates accreditation process
  • Assessment of student learning and outcomes
  • Liaison to Provost’s Office regarding curriculum, faculty, accreditation, and assessment

Christoper Conzen, Assistant Dean of Student Services & Administrative Affairs, conzenc@montclair.edu

  • Personnel actions for managerial, professional, clerical and student staff, including convening the Staff Advisory Council and serving as liaison to Human Resources
  • Development of new policies and procedures for personnel matters
  • Student matters and events, including academic actions, concerns, policies and procedures governing students; New Student Orientation; convening the Student Advisory Council
  • Affiliation agreements and contracts
  • Student Success Center: Academic Advising and Career Services

Jason Rubin, Director of Budget, Finance, and Facilities, rubinj@montclair.edu

  • Management of College and department budgets and financial matters, including administering the annual budgeting process
  • Support and oversight for the budgets of Revenue Centers (including CEHS Centers, Off-Site and Special Programs, Children’s Center, Autism Center, Gifted and Talented)
  • Liaison to MSU Budget and Finance Offices and to Provost’s Office in relation to funding for the hiring of permanent and temporary employment positions
  • Liaison to Information Technology in relation to the accuracy of Financial Reporting and System Enhancements
  • Management of CEHS Foundation Accounts for CEHS
  • Management of CEHS Facilities

Evelyn DeJesus-Quiles, Executive Assistant to the Dean, dejesusquile@montclair.edu

  • Support for CEHS Dean, including management of Dean’s schedule and communications from Dean
  • Dean’s Office coordination and general inquiries
  • Personnel actions for faculty and specialists; staff tuition waiver applications and performance reviews
  • Management of faculty startup funds and travel funding
  • Hiring, scheduling, training, and supervising student office assistants
  • Coordinating retreats, events, and workshops
  • Managing CEHS Canvas page and faculty and staff listservs/calendars/alias email accounts
  • Financial actions including P-Card transactions, quick invoices, and requisitions

Natalie Lopez, Program Associate, lopezna@montclair.edu

  • Support for CEHS Assistant Dean, including management of schedule and communications
  • Support for CEHS Director of Budget, Finance, and Facilities, including processing requisitions and Quick Invoices
  • Student Support Services, including Affiliation Agreements, student academic action forms, student travel, initial point of contact for student grievances and concerns
  • Coordination and planning of student events for the College, including Annual Student Awards Ceremony and CEHS Convocation, and liaison to University Commencement planning committee
  • Support for personnel actions for managerial, professional, clerical and student staff, including preparation of communication and related documents for posting positions, search processes, making and accepting offers, and onboarding new hires
  • Assisting with the development of new policies and procedures for personnel matters

TBD, Program Associate 

  • Support for Associate Deans, including management of schedule and communications
  • Support for marketing College Programs and Centers
  • Organizing and managing the college curriculum process, and supporting Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in curriculum activities
  • Responsibility for updating the CEHS Faculty Handbook
  • Assisting with enrollment initiatives
  • Support for recruitment and new student events for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Assistance with faculty processes and paperwork
  • Assistance with committee work including the Elections Committee and Curriculum Committee

Alexandra Thelin, Web Content Manager, thelinal@montclair.edu

  • Web site content creation for all pages within CEHS
  • Social media pertaining to all units of the College
  • Publicity responsibilities:
    • Website – news items (honors and recognition) and events
    • What’s New in CEHS & College Newsletters
    • Social media as it pertains to the units of the College
  • Support for recruitment and new student events for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Publishing content to television screens within University Hall using FourWinds