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CEHS Initiatives

Ada Beth Cutler Fellowship

Ada Beth Cutler served as the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services from 2000-2012. When she stepped down from that position and returned to faculty, her family, friends, and colleagues established the Ada Beth Cutler Faculty Fellows Program, to honor her dedication to public schools and teacher preparation and development.

The Fellowship program aims to support faculty members financially as they strive to learn and grow in their fields. Cutler Fellows will receive funding in support of projects that yield new knowledge in their fields or seek to improve pedagogical expertise.

As the Ada Beth Faculty Fellow Program provides opportunities for full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty, it allows our community to obtain support for projects that seek to improve the quality of work achieved in the College of Education and Human Services.

CEHS Distinction Awards

The College of Education and Human Services recognizes faculty and staff members for the exceptional work within our community. Employee recognition is for work done above and beyond/outside of regular job responsibilities, with an emphasis on actively working to foster equity and social justice within our college, going above and beyond to foster the health and well-being of their colleagues, going above and beyond to make sure that their colleagues are valued and respected, and actively seeking to encourage and enable their colleagues to grow and develop.

  • February 2022 Recipients: Dr. Michael Hannon (Counseling), CEHS Technology Department (under the direction of Jason Francis), Margaret Reece (Nutrition and Food Studies), and Trish Watson (Teaching and Learning)
  • December 2021 Recipients: Maddy Antosiewicz (Nutrition and Food Studies), Dr. Gerry Costa (Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health), and Mia Kirk (Center of Pedagogy)
  • November 2021 Recipients: Hanan Atiyat (Student Success Center), Claudia Guy (Public Health), Jennifer Faasse (Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health), and Rebecca Haddock (Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health)
  • October 2021 Recipients: Christopher Cottle (Family Science and Human Development), Michelle Shanahan (Center of Pedagogy), Dr. Stephanie Silvera (Public Health)

CEHS Grants Program

The Dean’s CEHS Grants Program is a new set of internal funding opportunities for Spring 2022 to support research and scholarly activities of members of the CEHS community. Research and scholarly activities include initiating, conducting, or completing a study or exceptional additional conference travel.