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Message From the Dean

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) at Montclair State University. As you explore our website and read about our outstanding students, faculty, and academic programs, you will discover that we are working in multiple ways to produce a healthier, better educated and more just society. This important mission unites all of us in the College as we work within and beyond CEHS to make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities.

CEHS offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs that provide access to professional knowledge and expertise for a range of professions.

Katy Bulkley

Students interested in teaching, special and inclusive education, family science and human development, public health, nutrition, dietetics, food systems, food science, counseling, educational leadership in K-12 schools and higher education institutions, athletic training, exercise science, educational foundations, literacy education, early childhood mental health or educational assessment will find strong academic programs that are continuously refined and updated to prepare graduates for employment and leadership in today’s demanding, selective workplaces.

Housed in state-of-the-art facilities in University Hall, CEHS is a center of creativity, innovation and excellence, where students, faculty and staff create solutions to community problems, invent innovative practices and curriculum, and engage in and publish cutting-edge research.  Drawing on a long tradition of working to increase equity, social justice, democratic practice, critical thinking and reflection, the College serves as a leader in preparing professionals to work collaboratively to change people’s lives.

As you explore the website, you will see that CEHS faculty and students are engaged in a multitude of activities to do just that.  These activities include preparing the very best teachers and educational leaders for schools in New Jersey and beyond; working to eradicate disparities in health care and health outcomes related to race, social class and gender; preparing counselors to work with marginalized people such as those with HIV/AIDS, addictions or mental health problems; reducing violence and aggression in families; preventing and treating injuries related to athletic activities; promoting more nutritious diets for particular populations such as people in assisted living situations, young people in schools, university students and people in poor communities and countries; promoting equity and inclusion for young people who are labeled in ways that result in their discrimination in schools and in other settings; and preparing future scholars who will make important contributions to the knowledge in your fields

An outstanding faculty and staff provide support for student success beginning when they make decisions about what career to pursue and what program to enter, and continuing through their courses and internships, their explorations of where and how to apply for a job, and their efforts to advance professionally. The College has a strong international, national, and local reputation for the quality of our programs, faculty and graduates.

One of only two New Jersey institutions that are nationally ranked, Montclair State University’s graduate education programs are ranked #103 in US News and World Report rankings of America’s Best Graduate Schools of Education—a list that includes all doctoral-granting institutions in the country.  Our online Educational Leadership program is ranked #15 overall  in the US News rankings of Best Online Graduate Education Programs. Montclair State University’s Teacher Education Program is one of seven pioneering teacher preparation programs featured in a 2019 Harvard Education Press book by renowned educational scholars Linda Darling-Hammond and Jeannie Oakes titled Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning. The book describes how teacher preparation programs at these seven institutions are designing ways to equip future teachers with the skills and mindsets needed for 21st-century student learning.

Join us at the College of Education and Human Services at Montclair State University and become a part of our outstanding academic community.

If you have questions about the College of Education and Human Services at Montclair State University, please feel free to contact the Dean’s Office or any of our department chairpersons.  To learn more about our programs and to select the program that is right for you, please visit our Departments and Programs.

Katy Bulkley