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Submitting Academic and Human Resources Forms

Submitting Academic & Human Resources Forms

In an effort to make processes more efficient, we are streamlining the submission of some forms that typically need Dean’s Approval. At this time, there are two categories of forms that are usually submitted to our office: Academic/Student Action and Human Resources. While the University has automated many forms using Workday and Banner/Workflow, many others remain in hard copy format. We are now accepting the forms via this link.

The following forms will be accepted via the new method:

Academic/Student Action Human Resources
●      Incomplete Contracts

●      Extension of Incomplete Contracts

●      Affiliation Agreements

●      Course Overlap

●      Credit Overload Requests

●      Independent Study

●      Supplemental Payment

●      Approval/Payment for Teaching Assignment(s) for Professional and Administrative Staff

●      Workday Security Role Request

●      Workday Correction Request

●      Adjunct Offer of Employment