Photo of students in an MPH classroom.


What is the edTPA?

The edTPA is a performance-based assessment completed by teacher education interns during student teaching and the semester prior (now called Clinical Practice I and II, statewide). The assessment is designed to measure a teacher candidate’s readiness to teach by focusing on three sections, or “tasks,” that interns complete: planning, instruction and assessment. There are subject-specific versions of the assessment for each certification area, and Handbooks are available for each certification area that provide guidance on subject-specific language and information that should be present in the submitted materials. Interns will submit a portfolio of artifacts created during Clinical Practice I and II, including lesson plans, sample assessments, written reflections, student work samples and video of themselves teaching. The submission will occur during the Clinical Practice II semester.

The edTPA is the first such standards-based assessment to become nationally available in the United States. It builds on decades of work on assessments of teacher performance and research regarding teaching skills that improve student learning.

The three tasks that make up the edTPA: planning, instruction and assessment, are, and have been, a critical component of the teacher preparation at Montclair State. It is important to note that the edTPA is simply a new vehicle through which our teacher candidates will demonstrate competence in these areas. We have previously assessed these skills and competencies in our teacher candidates using the course embedded and clinical assessments which are embedded in the coursework.

Visit the edTPA website for more information about the assessment.

Timeline for Implementation

2018-2019 school year
All candidates seeking initial teaching certification in NJ will be required by the State of NJ to completed edTPA in order to be certified. However, there will be no cut score needed to pass the assessment.
2019-2020 school year
All candidates seeking initial teaching certification in NJ will be required to pass the edTPA by meeting a cut score set by the NJDOE.