Photo of students in an MPH classroom.

Getting Started

  • Visit the edTPA website to get a better understanding of the edTPA.
  • All students completing the edTPA will use the Canvas edTPA Course to access the edTPA materials. Familiarize yourself with this course.
  • Since it is important to understand the whole edTPA assessment before you begin, read through the entire edTPA handbook and all of the support materials for your content area, including all rubrics and templates. You will need to refer to this handbook throughout the portfolio process. Make sure you understand the three (four for Elementary candidates) tasks:
    • Task 1 – Planning
    • Task 2 – Instruction
      • IMPORTANT- Task 2 involves the video
      • Read through video portion carefully
    • Task 3 – Assessment
    • Task 4 – Mathematics Re-engagement (Elementary candidates only)
  • Next, read through the Making Good Choices, A Support Guide for edTPA Candidates (PDF) document. This support guide will help you make good choices as you develop artifacts and commentaries for your edTPA assessment.
  • Read through Understanding Rubric Level Progressions. This document is designed to describe the meaning behind the rubrics.
  • All students will upload their edTPA portfolios via Tk20, Montclair State University’s integrated assessment system.

What will I submit?

You will be submitting artifacts from your student teaching experience. These include information on the Context of Learning, lesson plans, video clips, copies of assessments and materials for your lesson. Refer to your handbook for a complete list of everything you need to submit.