ECEL 517

ECEL 517: Integrating Science and Technology in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms
3.0 SH

Explores the nature of science as a discipline and examines how to integrate science, math and technology into the classroom curriculum. Students will learn strategies to engage children in active explorations aligned with the NJ Science, Math and Technology Standards. Students will recognize the integration of science and math content as vehicles for critical thinking, and children's engagement in the wonder and study of the natural and physical (human-made) world. Students will experience hands-on, minds-on science activities supported by technology and will examine successful management techniques and science safety codes. Students will gain confidence and skills in the scientific concepts and principles that unite the science disciplines: systems, order, and organization; evidence, models, and explanation; change, constancy, and measurement; evolution and equilibrium; and form and function. 3 hours lecture.