FCST 340

FCST 340: Aging and Social Policy

Recognizing the importance of public policy as it pertains to a growing, aging population, this course will introduce students to a range of policy issues at the federal, state, and local levels. The process of policy formation will be reviewed including how political organizations, special interest groups, and advisory groups influence policy development and implementation. The course will cover the major public programs for older adults in the U.S that address income, security, health and long-term care, and housing needs. In order to recognize the varrying effects policy can have on the lives of seniors, older adults from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic background will be considered. Because families often struggle with the demands of caregiving and long-term care assisstance, an evaluation of national and international public policy initiatives designed to address those needs will be conducted. Finally, students will be encouraged to identify and explore contemporary public policy issues that affect older adults on a regular basis. 3 hours lecture.

Prerequisites: FCST 200 or matriculation in the gerontology minor and departmental approval. Restricted to majors within the Family and Child Studies department.