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Two MA in Higher Education Students Selected to be Part of 2020-2021 NASPA Graduate Associate Program

Join us as we congratulate James Clark ’21 and Amanda DePinho ’21

Feature image for Free Nutrition Counseling

Free Nutrition Counseling

Marisa Sweeney ’08

The 2019 “Nutrition Entrepreneur of the Year” owes her success to a professor who inspired her to change her major, and encourages current students to get to know their professors for a lifelong opportunity of mentorship.

Feature image for Jonathan Caspi Featured in NY Times Article on Sibling Relationships

Dr. Jonathan Caspi Advises Families on How to get Siblings to Get Along Better

Dr. Katia Paz Goldfarb, Dr. Elizabeth Rivera Rodas, and Dr. Stephen Ruszczyk Receive National Science Foundation Grant

Dr. Stephanie Silvera Comments on How to Avoid a Second Coronavirus Wave

Ben Samuels Children’s Center Reopens

Colleges Aim to Prevent COVID-19 Spread on Campuses

Dr. Stephanie Silvera Talks About Preventing COVID-19 Spread as Schools Reopen

With Restaurants Struggling, Dr. Silvera Comments on Transmission Rate

Dr. Charles Feldman Notes Difficulties Restaurants Face Due to Coronavirus Pandemic for

Dr. Helenrose Fives Surveyed NJ Districts on Distance Learning