Clinical Services

The College of Education and Human Services provides a variety of clinical services to the community through the Montclair State University Center for Clinical Services.  Each service is staffed by professionals licensed in their field and/or by advanced students in clinical programs (under the supervision of appropriately credentialed faculty members).  We invite to you review the individual web sites for our clinical services through the links below.

Community Counseling Clinic

Montclair State University (MSU) created the MSU Community Counseling Clinic (CCC) to provide low cost, professional, and compassionate mental health counseling services to assist individuals, couples, and families in the Montclair area.  For more information, visit our web site.

Nutrition Counseling

Advanced Nutrition students, under the supervision of  Nutrition Program faculty, provide free Nutrition Counseling at the Center for Clinical Services. For more information, visit our web site.

Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

The CAECMH Community Clinical Services at the Center for Clinical Services provide a continuum of coordinated developmental support and outpatient psychotherapeutic services to children aged birth through eight years and their families, anchored in a multidisciplinary, developmental approach.  Through family-centered, play-based services, we aim to foster the developmental and psychological well-being of children and families, and to support and enhance the relationship between children and their caregivers.  For more information, visit our web site.

Summer Literacy Program

The Summer Literacy Program focuses on individualized literacy support for students completing grades K-12. The program ensures that reading and writing remain fun and meaningful with the perfect balance of instructional support to keep children engaged in literacy experiences throughout the summer months, in preparation for the start of the new school year.

Clinic for Evidence-based Practices in Schools

The Clinic for Evidence-based Practices in Schools (CEPS) offers a range of services using a behavioral ecological consultation model (Sheridan & Kratochwill, 2007) to address behavioral (social-emotional/mental health) and academic needs for children (ages 5 to 21). This includes direct services for families and students through a process of assessment and interventions as well as indirect services for schools and organizations through coaching and training in establishing effective systems that facilitate successful implementation of evidence based practices. If you are interested in the services listed above, please call Dr. Imad Zaheer at 973-655-3618.