CEHS College Meeting on Public Scholarship held February 1, 2017

The College of Education and Human Services held its first College Meeting of the semester on February 1, 2017. The theme of this meeting was Public Scholarship, which we are defining as:

“Publicly engaged academic work is scholarly or creative activity integral to a faculty member’s academic area. It encompasses different forms of making knowledge about, for, and with diverse publics and communities. Through a coherent, purposeful sequence of activities, it contributes to the public good and yields artifacts of public and intellectual value.” 

--Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life,


The program included 13 organizations/faculty members who shared their work with the CEHS community. 

Dean Tamara Lucas commented, “The work of CEHS faculty and staff to build knowledge and make a difference in people’s lives is more important than ever in these uncertain times in our country.”

Read more about the Imagining America organization here: www.imaginingamerica.org.

You can find the program below, along with pictures of the event.