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Dr. Stephanie Silvera to Moderate Session at Roundtable on Obesity Solutions

New Graduate Certificate Featured in Total Food Service Digital Publication

Dr. Charles Feldman Discusses the Sustainable Food Practices Certificate

Stacy Salley-Proctor Describes Reggio Emilia Education for U.S. News

Lead Infant and Early Childhood Consultation Specialist for CAECMH Shares Thoughts on the Educational Style

Dr. Eva Goldfarb Discusses Sex Education during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Photo of Dr. Maira Cioe-Pena

Dr. Maria Cioè-Peña Publishes Article on Remote Schooling for Linguistically Diverse Parents of Students with Disabilities

MPH Student Vu-An Foster Helps Expectant Parents After Experiencing Loss

Providing advocacy through education while sharing her personal story

Dr. Stephanie Silvera Comments on Upcoming Holiday Gatherings Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Learn about her appearance on “Chat Box” with David Cruz for NJ Spotlight News

Dr. Eric Weiner Publishes “Representations of Dissent” for 3 Quarks Daily

Photo of Dr. Elizabeth Rivera Rodas

Dr. Elizabeth Rivera Rodas Receives $60,000 Fellowship from the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP)

The 2-year fellowship will expand her work on the structural barriers that affect Latinx math achievement and STEM involvement.

Kamala Harris Visits Campus

Vice President is joined by Rep. Sherrill, Gov. Murphy at Ben Samuels Children’s Center

Dr. Evan Matthews Gives Tips on how to Safely Exercise to the Wall Street Journal

Bullying in School Often Reflects the Outside World

Expert advice to consider during World Bullying Prevention Month in October