Hope Kremer and Classmates Donate Warm Weather Goods to Those in Need

Hope Kremer, a graduate student in Counseling with a concentration in Higher Education and Graduate Assistant in the Dean's Office of the College of Education and Human Services, recently organized a drive to collect coats, fleeces, hoodies, blankets, hats, gloves, sneakers and boots to benefit Saint John's Soup Kitchen of Newark. After gathering the donations from multiple collection sites on campus, Kremer personally delivered the donations to the charitable organization, alongside fellow students Debora Cubias and Johayra Diaz.

As part of Dr. Leslie Kooyman's Multicultural Counseling class that Kremer took during the Spring 2018 session, the students were involved in a cultural immersion project. Kremer and her group of classmates chose Saint John's as their establishment for the project, and volunteered to help those less fortunate. But, for Kremer, this was not enough, and she continued her kind acts for the colder weather by collecting the winter goods.

Kremer stated, "Over the summer, we had a great experience volunteering and saw that simple ways of giving back had a great impact."Additionally, Kremer is a alum of Montclair State having earned her BA in Psychology from the university in 2016. She plans to graduate with her Master's Degree in Spring 2020.  To learn more about Saint John's Soup Kitchen, please visit their Facebook page