Grant Resources for Students

Finding a faculty mentor with a history of successful grant work is an excellent resource for students. Often, faculty members use undergraduate and graduate students to help perform research and other tasks on their grant activities. This exposure to research is an excellent opportunity for students and provides invaluable experience, intellectual development and career enhancement. Typically students are paid an hourly wage for their assistance or a grant may cover the tuition and stipend for a masters or doctoral level graduate assistant.

Occasionally, there is specific funding designated for student research. Typically, there is more funding for doctoral student research, dissertation funds or fellowship awards. is an an online database of grant opportunities available to the MSU campus. This site allows MSU faculty and students to search for funding opportunities using keywords specific to their research topics and interests. For more information on how to use the Infoed database, you may access the following PowerPoint slides "Researching Grants and Finding Funding Opportunities ." These slides also contain information regarding:

    • Information about fundraising
    • Successful grant ideas
    • Common elements of a proposal

Specifically for doctoral students, the following PowerPoint, "Securing Funding for your Dissertation Research," will provide doctoral students with information on how to secure funding for dissertation research.

The following links below will direct you to programs that regularly offer grants for students (mostly doctoral students):

For more resources on locating funding sources, feel free to visit: