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Teacher Education Stands Apart at Montclair State

Dean Tamara Lucas of the College of Education and Human Services summarizes Montclair State University’s long and distinguished history in shaping education.

Program Highlights:

  • Explicitly seeks to enroll future teachers of color, consistent with the demographics of New Jersey’s P-12 student population.
  • Strives to prepare all teachers to address social inequalities that continue to impact educational experiences and outcomes for many students.
  • Exemplary public scholarship and research-based practices of our faculty – in areas that include inclusive education, special education, bilingual-bicultural studies, adult literacy, STEM and STEAM education, and LGBTQ research – provide cutting-edge preparation for the future teachers in our programs and ultimately impact the learning and experiences of their students.

Learn more about our academic programs at the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Video by Christodoulos Apostolou

Story by Marilyn Lehren