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CHSS Employee Recognition Awards

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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences recently launched a monthly employee recognition program to to acknowledge members of our community who go above and beyond to support individuals, departments, programs, and the college overall. The individuals below were recognized in October for their commitment to collegiality and their contributions to creating a community of care beyond their general scope of work. Congratulations!

October 2022 Awardees

photo of Antonella Calarota-Niman

Antonella Calarota-Ninman, Ph.D., Spanish & Latino Studies

“Antonella’s dedication creates a safety net for others. Always accessible, she responds promptly to questions and requests, even from inconvenient time zones. Her sincere interest in the wellbeing of our program and our students, optimistic attitude, and above-and-beyond efforts create a positive environment for all who know her as a colleague but also consider her a friend.”

Photo of Maureen Corbinski

Maureen Corbeski, Psychology

“Maureen is an integral part of this ‘village’…Maureen has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome. She emailed me a welcome message, chatted with me about the area, and provided instrumental resources. She has personally swung by my office to drop off supplies and just say hi. She is always exceptionally kind and friendly in any communication. I know my experience is not unique – multiple other faculty members have also expressed gratitude to have Maureen in our department. She’s a gem! ”

Photo of Lesley Dixon

Lesley Dixon, Social Work & Child Advocacy

“Lesley’s professional contributions extend from a place of genuine care for her students’ aspirations and unique needs, and an unshakable belief in the integrity and vision of the Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy. Recently, Lesley has assumed a greater leadership role in our department’s efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, both in the classroom as well as within our departmental affairs. Lesley Dixon exemplifies the college’s commitment to collegiality and care in all of her professional and personal contributions…”

Photo of Jason Williams

Jason Williams, Ph.D., Justice Studies

“It’s hard to imagine our CHSS community without the outspoken, kind and sophisticated presence of Dr. Williams. Jason is a fixture on diversity committees, hiring committees and research initiatives. He cares deeply about our students and serves as a mentor to so many. In the classroom he extends his kindness and passion for learning with a zeal that few can match. Jason is also incredibly helpful to others. I think Jason embodies the care and dedication CHSS stands for.”

Honorable Mentions

Tina Bolletieri, Linguistics/ESL
Bekki Davis, Academic Advising
Elizabeth Emery, World Languages & Cultures
Maria Jose García-Vizcaíno, Spanish & Latino Studies
Jonathan Greenberg, English
Kim Harrison, Administrative Services
Joann Kuebler, CSD
Donna Meeker O’Rourke, Dean’s Office
Jaclyn Novak, Dean’s office
Jennifer Perlis, Linguistics/ASL
Jessica Restaino, Writing Studies
Christopher Salvatore, Justice Studies
Brenda Sheehan, Justice Studies
Anita Veal, Administrative Services
Jen Wilenta, Psychology