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Eating Insects to Fight the Climate Crisis

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Photo of Cortni Borgerson with bugs on a plate

Cortni Borgerson, assistant professor in the department of Anthropology was featured in a two-page spread in Green America Magazine. Borgerson explains that American’s resistance to eating insects has to do with exposure and “most things that we like to try are introduced to us by family and friends.”  Concerns over global food insecurity and the climate crisis are causing people to reconsider their protein sources, and insects are a climate-friendly alternative to meats like beef, chicken, and pork.

When we do encounter insects, we’re not encountering them on our plates, but we are encountering them as taking our food away through spoilage or pests in our home—as opposed to this exciting new source of incredible food.                      – Cortni Borgerson

Check out the full article and discover how nutritious, delicious and sustainable eating insects can be!