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Enza Antenos Receives Distinguished Service Award

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photo of professor enza antenos

Dr. Enza Antenos, Director of the BA in Language, Business & Culture and Assistant Professor of Italian, received a Distinguished Service Award in November 2022. The award was presented at the 2022 ACTFL Conference in Boston for her dedication and service to the American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI).

Dr. Antenos has been the Secretary/Treasurer of the AATI for the past eight years. She was first elected in 2014 and then reelected in 2017. In her time, she has presided over at least 15 conferences and helped maintain the finances of the AATI.

“My tenure with the AATI, working alongside its distinguished officers, invigorated my deep commitment to the profession, both here at Montclair State and nationally. My interactions with its members, from the Americas to Europe to Australia, have provided me with significant opportunities for growth and development, advancing the impact Italy had and continues to have in the world. It provided me with a platform through which to connect our university with teachers and programs nationwide, through the MSU signature program Teaching Italian (now in its 16th year), and to enrich opportunities for student study abroad and scholarships. What’s more, is that it wasn’t just about Italian. Through its collaboration with professional associations in Spanish and Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese (to name only a few), I have also had the privilege to lobby on Capitol Hill to tell Senators and Congresspeople the story of language education and access for all,” Dr. Antenos said.


By Donaelle Benoit