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Roman Era Mosaics Uncovered in Villa of Antonines Project

In interview with LiveScience, professors share information on the discovery

Posted in: Center for Heritage and Archaeological Studies, Classics and General Humanities, Research

Feature image for Discoveries at the "Villa of the Antonines"

Dr. Timothy Renner and Dr. Deborah Chatr Aryamontri, faculty in the Classics and General Humanities department, are co-directors of a team that is excavating an ancient villa in Italy. In an interview with LiveScience, the pair discuss the discovery of mosaics depicting Medusa, dating back to the second century A.D. The excavation and discovery are part of the Center for Heritage and Archaeological Studies’ Villa of the Antonines project. Beun in 2010, this project is  aimed at exploring a Roman imperial villa complex located on the outskirts of Rome at the 18th mile of the ancient Via Appia, in the modern town of Genzano di Roma.

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By Donaelle Benoit