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Professor Weighs in on Paterson Police State Takeover

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a photo of professor jason williams speaking with david cruz

Associate Professor of Justice Studies, Jason Williams, discussed the need for community support during the recent state intervention of the Paterson Police Department on Chat Box with David Cruz. Williams’ concern lies with the approach that the state attorney general will take in fixing relations between the police department and citizens, that the black community will be cast aside or spoken down to in an issue/situation that directly involves them.

When asked what steps are for the state attorney general’s office to do this intervention right, Williams says, “I think it’s right sitting down and just sort of imagining a new system that is not necessarily connected to the criminal legal system but one that is still state sponsored and that again includes…community-based organizations whose sole mission is to stifle violence.”

“We have to find a way to legitimate those people.”

Watch the full interview here.


Written by Donaelle Benoit