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Faculty Research Highlighted in New York Times

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photos of tarika daftary-kapur and tina zotoli side by side. New York Times logo is beneath their pictures

Dr. Tarika Daftary-Kapur and Dr. Tina Zottoli’s research on the juvenile lifer population in Philadelphia, which showed a 1% recidivism rate among those who received early release on parole, was highlighted in a recent New York Times feature on young men in Philadelphia who went to prison for life without parole. Philadelphia has the highest number of juvenile lifers in the country, and has also been at the forefront of the resentencing movement.

According to Zottoli, “The science is clear that most young people who commit crimes, even very serious crimes, can be rehabilitated.  It is up to us to decide whether the resources expended on incarcerating children until they are old might better be expended on ameliorating the conditions that lead to youthful offending in the first place.”

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