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Linguistics Department Interviewed on Lost in Jersey Podcast

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Lost in Jersey podcast image screengrab from zoom conversation. includes photos of 8 people

The podcast Lost in Jersey interviewed six members of the Linguistics Department in an episode released on Tuesday, February 6. The faculty showcase the diverse areas of research and the impact of language on various aspects of our lives. From computational linguistics to language acquisition and cultural linguistics, their work sheds light on the intricacies of language and its role in shaping our world.

Episode Title: The Linguists – How We Learn & Use Language

What are VERY popular words among cult leaders? Why do some people learn a second language faster than others? How do babies learn to speak? How many languages does AI know? Tune in to find out!

In this episode, a panel of linguists from Montclair State University discusses their diverse research areas and the intersection of linguistics with AI and computer science. They delve into topics such as accents, phrasing, second language acquisition, and the use of emojis in different cultures. They share their backgrounds and how they became interested in their respective fields. We learn the importance of understanding individual differences in language learning and the need for collaborative and respectful approaches in language documentation. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

Unveiling the Complexity of Language

Computational Linguistics: Bridging Language and Technology
Anna Feldman shares her journey from a background in languages and linguistics to her current focus on computational linguistics and natural language processing. She highlights the practical applications of linguistic knowledge in AI and computer science.

Exploring the Melodies of Speech: Prosody and American Dialects
Jonathan Howell delves into the field of prosody, which encompasses intonation, rhythm, and stress in speech. He discusses how prosody plays a crucial role in conveying meaning and explores the variations in American dialects.

Unlocking the Secrets of Language Acquisition
Lauren Covey sheds light on the complexities of second language acquisition. She investigates individual differences in language learning and explores the cognitive factors that influence language acquisition.

Decoding the Language of Writing
Larissa Goulart focuses on college writing, examining the differences between native and non-native speakers. She explores how writing styles vary across different contexts and cultures.

Computational Modeling of Language Acquisition
Libby Barak discusses her work in computational modeling of language acquisition, both for first language and second language learners. She explores how computational tools can aid in understanding language learning processes.

Documenting Endangered Languages
Nick Williams shares his research on documenting endangered languages, emphasizing the importance of preserving linguistic diversity. He discusses the role of computational tools in collecting and processing language data.