Natalie Rusciani '10

Natalie Rusciani, Class of 2010
Double major in Philosophy and English; minor in Religious Studies
Copy editor at One Trick Pony, an advertising and development firm

I graduated in 2010 with a BA in Philosophy and English, with a minor in Religious Studies. I currently work full-time as a copy editor for an advertising agency. While making language better may seem like a strictly literary pursuit, the art of communicating knowledge dips just as deeply into my Philosophy degree, particularly epistemology. What does the audience need to know? What type of knowledge is it? How does this medium communicate that? Is it the best medium to use -- how or why?

When I'm not copy editing, I'm blogging about feminism, particularly body acceptance. The Philosophy and Religion Department has given me lots of resources -- whether they be traditions of thought, rhetorical techniques, or recognition of logical fallacies -- to advocate for the things I believe in. I'm also working on a novel that explores the unique ethical and existential struggles facing a fictional God of Chaos; the so-far 55,000-word endeavor would not have been possible without the amazing things I learned in the fourth floor of Dickson.