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The campus’ new Community Garden flourishes in first weeks

In less than a month the Montclair State University Campus Community Garden (MSUCCG) has grown, already providing harvestable produce.

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The MSUCCG was established principally to give back to the Montclair State community, by growing fresh produce on campus for the purpose of expanding the inventory of the Red Hawk Pantry, the on-campus food pantry established to help mitigate the observed food insecurity of Montclair State students. The garden hopes to operate sustainably, add as few inputs as possible, and source as much knowledge and guidance as possible from within the Montclair State community, utilizing the knowledge of horticulture and sustainability that exists among these groups and individuals. The MSUCCG also hopes to partner with student-led organizations and provide hands-on educational opportunities for the community to learn more about different systems of sustainability and become more involved in our local food system.

Chris Snyder is the Community Garden ambassador with the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies. He we will oversee the garden and ensure it is maintained and harvested appropriately. In the future there are hopes that a committee will be established to provide more oversight. Presently there are 40 slots being utilized by individuals, departments, and organizations throughout the University community. Two-thirds of the produce harvested will be donated by our volunteer gardeners to the Red Hawk Pantry, handed out on site, and distributed to the Village Residence Halls and nearby food pantries as the yields allow.

To find out if space if available, and see if you can join the gardeners already taking root in the MSUCCG contact Chris,!

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