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Listening for Cosmic Clues

As a Liberty Science Center guest astronomer, Montclair State University Professor Marc Favata explored the ways we can ‘listen’ to space and time

Posted in: Physics & Astronomy

Marc Favata speaking with attendees after his Space Talk
Marc Favata, right, discusses gravitational waves with astronomy fans after his Space Talk at the Liberty Science Center.

Under the cavernous dome of the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium in the Liberty Science Center – the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere – Montclair State University Physics Professor Marc Favata led an audience on a listening tour of the cosmos.

In his Space Talk “Cosmic Clues from Gravitational Waves” on March 2, Favata explained how he and other scientists “listen” to the ripples of gravity to learn more about colliding black holes and neutron stars.

The Liberty Science Center’s Space Talk lecture series is billed as a “cosmic conversation” that shines a light on new areas of astronomy. The giant dome of the planetarium is described by the Liberty Science Center as being “the ideal venue for today’s working astronomers to share their pursuit of answers to the Big Unanswered Questions of the universe, from the secrets of black holes, to life on other planets, to the mysteries of dark matter, and beyond.”

In the last year alone, Space Talks have been given by astronomers from Princeton, MIT,  Columbia, Rutgers and CUNY as well as a member of the James Webb telescope team.

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