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Creativity in Mathematics and Science (CMS Project)

The Creativity in Mathematics and Science (CMS) Project, NSF Project #1611876, seeks to develop and implement an innovative model of STEM undergraduate education that highlights creativity in STEM at Montclair State University. This project includes

  1. course modules on creative thinking in STEM for all majors
  2. a two-year engaged student research experience for CMS Scholars
  3. research on the impact of the CMS project on student achievement and changes to students’ perceptions about STEM learning
  4. adaptation and transfer of successful elements to Bergen Community College and local high schools

The specific aim is to design learning materials and instructional methods related to creativity in the sciences. The project addresses the need for STEM students to understand the scientific inquiry process and creativity’s role in scientific activities. The three-year project will promote implementation of the instructional practices and sharing of project results.

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Mika Munakata

Professor, Mathematics

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Ashwin Vaidya

Chairperson, Mathematics

Ceire Monahan

Ceire Monahan

Richardson Hall, 255