Career Readiness Competencies

1. Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

This competency is the ability to approach solutions to problems with reasoning and analytical skills. Employers seek those who observe facts and data to interpret findings.

2. Communication


This competency demonstrates the ability to clearly and concisely explain your ideas and thoughts through written and oral expression, an essential skill employers seek in the workplace.

3. Teamwork


This competency shows your collaboration, negotiation, and conflict management abilities while working in a diverse workplace.

4. Technology


This competency ensures that you broaden your understanding of the technology that can help you gain a competitive edge for your career.

5. Leadership


This competency demonstrates how you are able to guide, motivate, organize, delegate, and think on the job. It’s important to constantly develop your ability to stand out as a leader.

6. Professionalism


This competency is about how you present your professional accountability in the workplace. This includes being on time for work, completing work tasks and demonstrating ethical and professional behavior in the workplace.

7. Career and Self Development

Career & Self-Development

This competency refers to career development throughout your time in college and beyond. Take inventory of your skills, strengths, and abilities to see how they align with the career you want.

8. Equity and Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion

The more you learn about yourself and the diverse cultures of others, you will demonstrate an understanding of individual differences. We encourage you to take advantage of how you can learn from others who are different from you.