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Co-op Application Process

Step 1

Attend a Co-op Workshop

attend a co-op workshop

Register for a co-op workshop on hire a red hawk (HARH) for more information

Step 2

Submit Resume on HARH

submit your resume on Hire a Red Hawk

You will gain access to all the internship opportunities with an approved resume

Step 3

Get Departmental Approval (DA)

department approval

You can find the DA form on HARH under Resources > Resource Library

Step 4

Find an Internship Site

find an internship site

Once you have secured an internship you are ready to fill out the co-op application

Step 5

Fill out Co-op Application

fill out co-op app

The co-op application can be found on HARH under My Account > Co-op and Internship Application

Step 6

Register for the Co-op Course

Register for the co-op course

You will receive a registration permit from a career advisor


By submitting co-op/internship placement form, you are not guaranteed credit or enrollment into a co-op course. Credit-bearing co-ops and internships are determined by your College/School’s Office of Career Services based on the information that you submit.

Once your co-op/internship placement form is reviewed and verified by your Career Services Director and internship supervisor, our office will issue you a permit number, which you can use to register for the co-op course in NEST.