Technology Support

Computer Operations for Research and Education (CORE)

The Computer Operations for Research and Education (CORE) group provides computer-related support to CSAM. CORE operates a wide range of computational solutions including faculty and staff machines, computer labs, laptop carts, and multi-user systems available to the college community for research and coursework. Due to the diversity of computing needs in an academic and scientific environment, CORE delivers technical support and assistance for many different software packages and a variety of operating systems, including various types of Windows, MacOS, Solaris and Linux.

Instructional Classroom Technology (ICT)

The College of Science and Mathematics maintains a robust array of instructional classroom technology installed throughout its classrooms. This equipment can be used by CSAM faculty, as well as by instructors from other colleges.

CSAM's classrooms typically contain the following instructional classroom technology:

  • data projection system
  • VCR
  • document camera (digital overhead projector)
  • sound system
  • built-in PC

Each room has usage documentation for this equipment posted in a visible location near the instructor's podium.

All instructional classroom technology in Mallory Hall, Richardson Hall, Science Hall and CELS is maintained by the ICT staff. For help with ICT equipment contact CORE by the information above.

Web Development

The College of Science and Mathematics has a dedicated Webmaster responsible for the management of the College's web presence. The Webmaster works closely with the faculty, staff, and the Administration to perform web page upgrades, assist faculty with their web publishing needs, perform daily edits on the CSAM website, and photograph College events for online and in-print publishing.

The CSAM Webmaster coordinates with the University web team, applying campus standards to the College's web pages, while consulting with departments to assure their individual identity is expressed accurately to their target audiences.

Consultations are available during the hours of 10am - 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Lobby Displays

The lobby displays located in the front foyer of Richardson Hall and throughout the CELS building are available for CSAM faculty and staff to announce news and events on. The displays are managed by the College's Web Manager, news and announcements may be sent to the Web Manager either in a powerpoint or just the information in an email or word document.