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Welcome Accepted CSAM Transfer Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Montclair State, and on your decision to join the College of Science and Mathematics! Your first step towards academic success is registering for classes, which you can do after meeting with an advisor. The goal of academic advising is to help our undergraduate students create an academic plan toward graduation. It allows students to become aware of what the general education requirements are, what requirements they need to meet in order to complete their specific degree program, as well as aides in solving any academic problems students may encounter during their time as a student at Montclair State University.

Step 1
Before you meet with an advisor...

If you do not have transfer credit for Intermediate/College Algebra or Pre-Calculus, then please fill out the Math & Chemistry Placement Form. In addition, if your major requires Chemistry and you do not have transfer credit for at least General Chemistry I, then please fill out the link above. Students will be placed into Math and/or Chemistry courses based on previous academic history. Your information will be verified by an advisor in the CSAM Student Success Center. Next, an advisor will let you know which Math and/or Chemistry courses that will be appropriate for you soon after you submit the form. If you have questions about this process, please email csamssc@montclair.edu.  

Step 2
Schedule a CSAM advising appointment...

Below are the appointment links and emails for CSAM majors. When emailing, please include Incoming CSAM Transfer Student Fall 2021 in the subject. During your advising appointment, please remember to ask for your Fall 2021 registration pin. If you have specific science and math transfer credits that need review, you will need to reach out to those specific offices in addition to your major department.

Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Eric Forgoston, Department Chair
Book your appointment: forgostone@montclair.edu
Biology, Molecular Biology, Marine Biology & Coastal Sciences
Mr. Christopher Langner, Department Administrator
Book your appointment: https://christopherlangner.youcanbook.me/
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Saliya Desilva, Chairperson
Book your appointment: https://doodle.com/mm/saliyadesilva/book-a-time
Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science
Ms. Eugenia Providence CSIT Department Administrator
Book your appointment: https://providencee.youcanbook.me/
Earth & Environmental Science, Geography, & Sustainability Science
Dr. Greg Pope, Professor & Chair
Dr. Matthew Gorring, Assistant Chairperson
Book your appointment: popeg@montclair.edu or gorringm@montclair.edu
Mathematics & Mathematics Education
Mr. George Grover, Department Administrator and Undergraduate Advisor
Book your appointment: groverg@montclair.edu
Dr. Marc Favata, Chairperson
Book your appointment: favatam@montclair.edu

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact: Christina Sgambellone, Academic Advisor & Transfer Student Specialist, sgambellonec@montclair.edu. You can also contact the CSAM Student Success Center at: csamssc@montclair.edu or visit our page. Please make sure to continue with Step 5 of the Transfer Student Checklist.

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