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Category: Teaching Tips

New Syllabus Template Starting Fall 2024: What You Need to Know

These sessions will offer a brief overview, rationale, and basic how-to for the new syllabus template that’s being launched in Fall 2024.

The Strong Student Campaign: Planning for Next Year

A 30-minute OFE Mini session: join us to learn about the university-wide Strong Student Campaign as you start thinking about your fall courses.

Discussion Boards are Out, Memes, FlipGrid, Videos, and Podcasts are in

Looking for alternatives to discussion boards? Join us May 9 4-5pm for this interactive session to explore innovative ways to engage students using digital pedagogy.

Bend without Breaking: Reasonable Flexibility

As the end of semester approaches, join us to consider what “reasonable flexibility” in the classroom might look like.

Connect Your Students to Careers and the World of Work

OFE Partners Session with Chantelle Wright, Executive Director for Experiential Education and Career Connections: Apr 23, 1-2pm.

Racial Trauma-Informed Strategies in Supporting Students of Color

Friday Apr 12, 11am-12:30pm. Guest Speaker: Jasmine Lee. Facilitated by the Steve Fund.

Gaming in the Classroom

Join us on Wednesday, 4/10 from 3-4pm for an online workshop with Livia Alexander.

Mindset & Motivation: Psychological Factors in Learning

Join us online on Friday, Apr 5, from 12-1pm, for a conversation with Daniel M. Rynerson about mindset and motivation in student learning. Event co-sponsor: Adjunct Union.

Addressing Disruptive Student Behaviors: Classroom Management Strategies

Join us on Tue, Apr 2, from 10-11am, on zoom for a conversation about dealing disruptive student behaviors.

Student Burnout? The Importance of Self-Care in the Classroom

Join Ashlee Martellacci and Jennifer Heisler (Social Work and Child Advocacy) on Tue March 26, from 1-2pm online!

Teaching at Montclair 101: March 7

In anticipation of the start of the second 8-week term and second half term of the spring semester, we invite all instructors, new or fairly new to teaching at Montclair, to join one of our Montclair 101 sessions and learn about navigating the university, managing teaching, and more.

Generative AI: Resources and Workshops

Explore OFE resources on Generative AI in teaching and learning, or join one of our AI workshops.