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Generative AI: Resources and Workshops

Explore OFE resources on Generative AI in teaching and learning, or join one of our AI workshops.

Do-It-Now: Navigate Early Progress Reporting

Join us online on Feb 6 or Feb 9 for 30 minutes to learn how to submit Early Progress Reports on Navigate. REPORTS ARE DUE MONDAY, FEB 12!

Teaching at Montclair 101

New or fairly new to teaching at Montclair? Join us for one of the Teaching at Montclair 101 info sessions to learn about navigating the University, planning your courses, and more.

Bend without Breaking: Reasonable Flexibility

As the end of semester approaches, join us to consider what “reasonable flexibility” in the classroom might look like.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Bootcamp

On June 20, join Sprague Library and the Office for Faculty Excellence for the bootcamp version of our series on OER and Open Pedagogy.
Missed earlier session(s) on OER? Join us to catch up!

Apr 12, 2023 | Stop Lecturing! A New Approach to Teaching through Embodied Innovation

March 29, 2023 | A Ukrainian Scholar-Psychotherapist’s Perspective on Trauma and Resilience

March 22, 2023 | Inclusive Teaching for All of Us

Black History Month and Beyond: A Faculty Panel

Weekly: OFE Supports Adjuncts

“But I didn’t mean to!”: Catching Plagiarism, Teaching Citation, and Modeling Research: An OFE Partner Session

Practical Responses to ChatGPT