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Teaching Basics

Instructors of all ranks are invited to join Teaching Basics — a facilitated asynchronous course to help you review the fundamentals of efficient and inclusive teaching and/or get acclimated to teaching at Montclair.

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This year we’ve been hard at work designing a new asynchronous course for teachers called “Teaching Basics.” The idea of this self-paced mini-course is to support and enhance your teaching as a college-level instructor. The course is beginner-friendly; it will be a good resource for brand-new instructors or for instructors new to Montclair. It will also be helpful to anyone who would like to review the fundamentals of effective and inclusive teaching and receive practical teaching tips.

Additionally, you will get the opportunity to receive confidential, supportive feedback: the course is facilitated by the OFE team members who will review your submissions and get back to you with personalized tips and guidance.

After completing the course, you will maintain access to it on Canvas, so you can come back to it at any time.

If you are interested, please use the button below to sign up.

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