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Reflecting and Improving Critical Thinking with Gen AI

On Wed March 20, from 10-11am, join the OFE and Patricia Virella on zoom to discuss the March theme of the FIEAL series.

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Join OFE and Patricia Virella for the March session of our Fostering Intellectual Engagement through Active Learning (FIEAL) series.  The series focuses on developing strategies for guiding students in active learning toward intellectual engagement.

In the March workshop, Reflecting and Improving Critical Thinking with Gen AI, participants will design learning opportunities for students that encourage critical thinking. They will identify how to create assignments that improve upon a GenAI response by prompting revisions and additions to GenAI output.

When: Wed, March 20, 10-11am

Where: online/Zoom

NOTE: everyone is welcome to attend this event — including those who are completely new to FIEAL series and/or communities of practice!

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1. Workshops
The workshops are offered monthly in the Fostering Intellectual Engagement through Active Learning [FIEAL] series. All Montclair faculty and staff are invited to attend as many or as few workshops in the series as they choose.

2. Community of Practice
The Community of Practice (CoP) meets twice a month. During the meetings, instructors discuss and strategize implementation of the monthly topics. Participants, including faculty and staff, work together to deepen their use of active learning in their courses, documenting and reporting outcomes of their experimentations.

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NOTE: You don’t need to be part of the CoP to attend the workshops. All are welcome!


Dr. Patricia M. Virella, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, has joined OFE as a Faculty Leader for AY24. Dr. Virella’s research focuses on implementing equity-oriented leadership through leader responses, programmatic interventions, and preparation. Dr. Virella also studies equity-oriented crisis leadership examining how school leaders can respond to crises without further harming marginalized communities. She seeks to answer research questions to enable transformation and liberation in school leaders, districts and policies.