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Student Burnout? The Importance of Self-Care in the Classroom

Join Ashlee Martellacci and Jennifer Heisler (Social Work and Child Advocacy) on Tue March 26, from 1-2pm online!

Posted in: OFE Partner Sessions, Teaching Tips

Despite spring break, do your students seem to be suffering from burnout? One remedy is self-care. This term is often heard on social media and in mainstream media and general conversation, especially post-Covid, yet many are unsure of how to practice it effectively. Considering self-care more thoughtfully helps students learn healthy ways to navigate the semester and cope with the stress of assignments, exams, readings, and papers.

As we head into the later weeks of the semester, join Ashlee Martellacci and Jennifer Heisler (Social Work and Child Advocacy) to learn some easy ways you can help students cultivate useful self-care practices. In this workshop, participants will learn some short but meaningful activities to use to help their students set themselves up for success.