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Cali Student receives Award from Latin GRAMMY

Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation awards Cali Music student Alejandro Guillén $10,000.

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Alejandro Guillén at piano

Currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree at the Cali School with distinguished piano professor Dr. Lisa Yui, Alejandro Guillén has been awarded $10,000 in tuition assistance by the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation.

Forty-three talented music students worldwide from diverse backgrounds with a great passion for Latin music were awarded this honor to help fund the cost to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world and pursue their musical dreams. In addition to the scholarship he and the other awardees were invited for an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas in November to represent the winners.

Born in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandro was accepted at the Simon Bolivar Conservatory at the young age of 11. There, he studied with Francisco Ascanio, Laura Méndez and Domenico Lombardi. After arriving to the United States, Alejandro began private lessons with Aziza Khasanova.

The 2019 scholarship recipients were carefully selected by the Latin GRAMMY Foundation’s Scholarship Committee, which is tasked with meticulously evaluating a highly competitive pool of aspiring musicians on a variety of skills and rigorous policies developed by the Latin GRAMMY Foundation.

Since its establishment five years ago, the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation has donated a remarkable $5 million toward scholarships, musical instrument donations, and educational events in Ibero-America.

We are so honored to help his talent continue to bloom here at the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University. We look forward to watching Alejandro’s career continue to blossom with many more distinctions certainly ahead.

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