Leshowitz Hall with Piano in Foreground

Creating Programs

1.  Open program template file that coordinates with your instrument/area of study (brass, composition, jazz, keyboard, percussion, strings, voice, woodwinds)

2.  Save file as your last name, first name and date of recital (e.g., SchoenbergArnold 4-25-14).  Make sure the file stays in a docx format.  Save file.

3.  Adjust heading information (i.e., type of recital; your name and instrument; accompanist’s name, if applicable; date/time; location).  Save file.

4.  Enter your recital program information:

  • highlight title of the first template piece and replace with the name of the first piece on your recital program (do not cut or delete content because it will destroy formatting); continue highlighting and entering your piece information in the composer section, movements (if any), dates of the composer
  • continue the same process for all additional pieces
  • place your Intermission, if any, in the appropriate place on your program
  • after the last piece, edit your name, professor’s name and degree program information
  • save file as needed

5.  Proofread program:  make sure to include your teacher in the proofreading process

6.  E-mail your completed Word docx file to Letitia Stancu, stancul@montclair.edu and cc Martha Learner, learnerm@montclair.edu

  • instrumental recitals, jazz and composition recital programs must be e-mailed no later than 15 business days before your recital
  • vocal program templates must be e-mailed no later than 10 business days before your recital. (You are responsible for making and printing your own translations and notes. The Cali School printer and copier are not available for printing your program notes and translations.)

Notes:  Do not change the font size, font type or document format. Do not add boldface. Only italicize a named work from which any selection is made. Do not italicize movements. Should you miss your deadline for submitting (e-mailing) your recital program, please follow the printing/copying instructions provided.

Student Recital Program Printing/Copying Instructions:

In the event you missed your recital program e-mail submission deadline, you will need to print/copy your own programs using your own resources. The Cali School printer and copier are not available for printing your program. You will still need to use the Cali School recital program templates and instructions for creating your program.

Cali School recital programs are printed on double-sided 8.5 x 11 inch paper. These papers are cut in half to 5.5 x 8.5 inches dimensions.  In order to print/copy the recital programs, you need to do the following:

  1. Highlight and copy your program onto a second page on your document so that you see two identical pages.
  2. Save your file as a pdf file.
  3. If your printer has a two-sided printing capability, print indicating such needs.
  4. If your printer does not have a two-sided printed capability, print the two identical pages, then use a copier with double sided copying abilities to copy the number of pages you want.
  5. Cut papers to the proportions listed above.  (The Cali School Mailroom has a paper cutter available for all to use.)