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Cali Collective Ensemble

Cali Collective Ensemble in partnership with Music for All Seasons

Cali Collective Ensemble (CCE) is a 2-Year Graduate Program within the Artist Diploma Certificate at the Cali School of Music.  Offered in partnership with Music for All Seasons – an organization that believes in the power of music to heal, bring solace, and to change people’s lives – CCE prepares young professional classical musicians for careers integrating performance, teaching, community engagement, advocacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership.  

This two-year program is geared toward young professionals interested in a career mixing chamber music, freelancing and teaching.  Each month, Cali Collective members give interactive performances at community venues including Retirement Homes, Halfway Houses and more.  

All Instruments Welcome:  In Search of Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Piano


The Cali School of Music at Montclair State University aims to support music as an agent of change and empower students to think outside the box. Cali Collective Ensemble is a program offering top-quality performance opportunities, intensive professional development, and the opportunity to establish outreach programs and administrative skills. Our program seeks to create a supportive space to define a creative identity and vision.   

What’s included:

  • Full tuition plus a modest stipend per semester.
  • Weekly Meetings with Cali Faculty
  • Weekly Lessons 
  • Large Ensemble and Chamber Music

How to apply:

Step 1: Apply for the Cali Collective Program 
Step 2: Apply for the AD Program
Step 3: Apply to the School

For more information, email