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Posted Oct 2, 2020
Violin Player/Fiddler, Flautist, Drummer and Keyboardist wanted for Recording for a Fee/Song.
Also, Logic Tutor sought & Final Cut Pro Tutor sought.

I am an individual who makes GarageBand recordings and eventually videos for Youtubes of both original and cover material – across folk-ish but also other genres (Rock, Faux-baroque…). I play a lot of the instruments myself and farm out other parts to various musicians I have played with along the way (usually they’re for free).

Occasionally, I need a fiddle part or flute part, etc. and I am looking to hire somebody for a fee per song who has the ability to creatively and easily/naturally come up with 1 or 2 types of parts per song (I usually will request the type of thing I am looking for – e.g., fills, lead, pat of basic fabric, etc.) and either send them back to me as a music file (mp3 or other sound file) that I can then add to my GarageBand (or Logic as I get to know it better) production or come over and record it here with total social distancing of course! The fee per song must be reasonable and we can negotiate that;  and I will need to hear examples of your work. Chops must be there.

Also, I wish to hire someone to teach me how to use Logic and Final Cut Pro- who can take me via Zoom, say, from my knowledge of Garageband and/or iMovie to Logic and/or Final Cut Pro! And Beyond! Suggest a fee. One lesson per week for each App mentioned.

If you are interested, please contact: David Brandt by text or email at either (917) 653-5825 or

Posted September 23, 2020

The Superintendent of Schools is in the process of recruiting candidates for the 2020 – 2021 school year, for the following position:
12 Week Leave Replacement — Teacher of Music

Interested candidates should submit letter of intent to Mr. Spirito by September 29, 2020 for more information call (973) 427-1300 X 2012.

Posted September 3, 2020

Keyboard, drummer, bass guitar, saxophone and possibly other instruments needed!

The Church of God In Christ For All Saints (COGIC) located in Morristown, NJ is currently in need of a few musicians. During the COVID pandemic, we have instituted extreme precautionary measures to keep our members safe. No visitors are allowed and everyone must pre-register prior to each service and are screened once again onsite.

We are looking for the following student musicians:  keyboard, drummer, bass guitar and saxophone. We’re willing to explore other instruments (i.e. violin) as well. Our music genre is contemporary gospel music. We have a head musician (keyboardist) who is fully experienced and can train in this genre. Our Pastor has been a mentor to many college students where they have also completed their internships under his leadership. We are willing to teach and monitor the student’s progress, provide feedback to you and if possible where they can earn college credit (if your school provides this option).

If this is something that you are able to assist us with, please have each of the students contact me directly by email: We will respond back the same day and set up a time when we can meet in person with their instruments, play the music determine if there is an interest both ways.