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Alumni and Friends


These are exciting times for the John J. Cali School of Music as the excellence of our school becomes known internationally, and as our programs reach more students. The Cali School serves over 450 students, has over 150 faculty and staff, and regularly invites acclaimed guest artists to present masterclasses and workshops. Our ensembles have grown in number and tour regularly in the United States and abroad. They have never sounded better. The Cali School building, opened in September 2009, serves as a sophisticated environment for studying and listening.

Please keep us updated on all of your accomplishments since graduating from the John J. Cali School of Music. Tell us what you have been up to and you may be featured in our newsletter or social media in our Cali School of Music Alumni Spotlight! 

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One of the greatest gifts you may offer a student is assistance with tuition and living expenses. Many of our students are only able to attend university with the aid of scholarships. If you would be interested in donating to an existing fund or creating one of your own, please call:

David Graham
Montclair State University Development Office

Leadership Giving Honor Roll

The John J. Cali School of Music is proud to recognize the following leadership donors for their generous lifetime giving.

$1,000,000 and up

  • John* ’09 HON and Rose ’80 Cali
  • Kay Consales
  • in honor of Gene Consales* ’50
  • Edward Leshowitz* ’36, ’96 HON
  • Ranucci Family
  • Ernest Ranucci* ’33
  • Barbara Helmer Ranucci* ’33
  • Rita Ranucci ’64

$500,000 and up

  • Frank and Lydia Bergen Foundation
  • Joanne Cali
  • Janis Guter

$250,000 and up

  • Angela Cali
  • Keating Crawford Foundation

$100,000 and up

  • Susan Bershad
  • Estate of Angelo R. Cali ’36, ’79 HON
  • Cento Amici
  • David’s Fund
  • Tom and Lucy Ott
  • Susan Head ’75 MA
  • Gene Rosenfeld Rochberg ’41

$50,000 and up

  • Valerio and Barbara Azzoli
  • John and Amanda Cali
  • John P. Curran
  • Marie Arena Fabiano ’46
  • J. Maurits Hudig
  • Thomas Randazzo ’55
  • Marilyn Somville
  • Adam Walinsky, Esq.
  • Josh and Judy Weston Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Scott* and Ingrid Williams ’92 ’96 MA

$25,000 and up

  • David Bershad Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Bluestein Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Murray* and Miriam* Cole
  • Alberto and Kathleen Comini
  • Rosemary and Al Iversen
  • Donald Kanarr
  • The Presser Foundation
  • Charles V. Schaefer ’02
  • Shepherd Foundation
  • The Vance Wall Foundation
  • Carol and Terence D. Wall

*  deceased